A Big Foot

The guys kept telling me they seen a “Big Foot” in the woods. I didn’t believe them until they brought this in — A Big Foot LOL 🦶🤣😂 Yes, It’s A BIG FOOT!!#elkriverstone #naturalstone #crossvilletn #cumberlandcounty #landscape #stonesupplier #architecturedesign #tennessee #bigfan #bigfoot #stone #boulders

What is your top selling stone?

We have been asked several times recently “What is your top selling natural thin veneer stone?”

Our top selling stone designs are the Tennessee Fieldstone Products. Our High Country Random Ashlar™, Logan’s Choice™, and Appalachian Trail’s™ to name a few of the many architectural thin stone veneer designs we have available. These are created from Tennessee Fieldstone that has been shaped by going through the breaker and then the veneer saws to achieve the desired look and design of the stone. Go to Home to see our Natural Thin Stone Veneer Products.


Happy Labor Day!!!

A Special Thank You to All American Workers!! Labor Day was established in 1894 as a tribute to the American workers’ achievements and contributions made for the prosperity of Our Great Nation. If you are working today or have the day off, we hope that you have a Great Labor Day!!! From Everyone at Elk River Stone – Thank You!!!


Hey Everyone, We are pretty excited to introduce our new website!!!
It has been over 5 years since we have had an update to our site and are really happy to finally get to share it with you. 😁
New Products to Show and Display is always exciting.
Go check it out at www.elkriverstone.com